WestworldI’ve been very busy lately. First, by finishing my studies of experimental psychology, and then, by all the projects that I had in progress. I still think about the direction this blog should take. Since I have undertaken a doctorate in the field of cognitive neuroscience in which there is an artificial intelligence component, I would like to share with you a reflection I have been making for a few years. I am talking here about research on artificial intelligence called “general” and not machine learning based on statistics. That is to say that commonly understood as being the attempt to copy human intelligence, by creating a unique intelligent agent capable of learning and performing all human tasks as in the excellent TV series “Westworld”.

  1. Computer scientists underestimate the complexity of the human brain. 
  2. Neuroscientists overestimate the capacity of computing.

Although there are some extraordinary people in the field of artificial intelligence research, the domain is currently dominated by the first category. This has the effect of encouraging the creation of failed projects, some financed to the tune of billions of dollars of public money.

My approach was to try to become both, to play a coordinating and mediating role in a project bringing together the two profiles. After 5 years of intensive study at the University of Liège where you can find some of the finest scientists in fields like short term memory, I am now aware that we know almost nothing about the functioning of the human brain. That we just scratch the surface via indirect measurement methods. That psychology is so fragmented (the different fields), that it is difficult for a specialist to grasp the nuances of each of its components. This creates sterile wars between different schools of thought for example.

On the other hand, all computer scientists are aware of the limitations of computing, often more related to basic physics. The uninitiated have a vision of the computer biased by the films and the sensationalism of journalists whose industrialists profit shamelessly.

I would have the opportunity to come back to these points soon by supporting my analysis a little more. I just wanted to keep a written record somewhere to refer to it from time to time. Meanwhile, stay tuned 🙂