This blog aims to create a collection of useful articles for anyone involved in a software project or software company and aware that there is a lot more than coding skills involved in great software.

Main topics covered by this blog:

  • Soft skills: behavioral competencies that complement hard skills such as social or communication abilities.
  • Team dynamics (aka group dynamics): team formation, cohesion, leadership, conflict reduction.
  • Management: people, project or  product management, company culture, motivation, workplace.
  • Career development as an employee or freelancer.

But I reserve the right to deviate from time to time.

I attach particular importance to the validity of the information that I publish on this blog. If you find a mistake, I invite you to post it on the article in question via a comment. This will allow me to take the necessary measures as soon as possible.

Some information about me

  • Developing software since my childhood just like you (or your developers).
  • Professionally since 1996.
  • Freelance since 2000.
  • Worked in both very small and large enterprise projects.
  • In different positions such as (junior/senior) developer, project manager or product manager.
  • In different fields such as media, utility, finances, insurance, telecommunications & aeronautics.
  • Have a BSc degree in Psychology & Educational Sciences (option Social & Work Psychology) as well as a MSc degree in Psychology (specialization in Cognitive Neuroscience) that I apply to software development, entrepreneurship & creativity  (that’s why you are here).
  • I am currently a PhD student in the field of neuroscience with a component of artificial intelligence.
  • Also (co)founder in tech startups which is my main occupation these days.

If you want to contact me, just google my name to find plenty of ways.